There are many benefits of hiring a company to take care of your pet sitting needs. While you may rely on Sally down the street to babysit your dog now and then, Calling All Dogs is equipped with plenty of pet sitters with price ranges to fit any budget. 

Insured & Bonded.   You never know when accidents happen.  Our team of bonded and insured pet sitters care for your pet as if they were our own.

Peace Of Mind.  During your complimentary meet and greet, you will be introduced to your primary walker, whom you and your dog will build a relationship with. If your primary walker is busy or unavailable, you will have a secondary walker to be sure your pup is never without their walks!

Reliable and Flexible Options. We service the entire St Pete area seven days a week, including holidays. We can do dog walks or pet sitting for any amount of time you need. If you’re away on vacation, we can stop by morning, noon, and night.   Or you can utilize our Doggy Sleepovers, where your pet stays at one of our sitters homes or Overnight Pet Sitting, where our sitter spends the night in your home. We also have a Pet Taxi service, where one of our sitters will transport your pet to the groomer, vet or day care.

Accountable. We use the Precise Petcare app to keep you connected to your sitter and get updates on your pet. After every visit, your walker will send you a time stamped journal which includes a GPS map of the walk, the basics, and pictures!

With so many options, using a company that is so dedicated to keeping their clients covered and their furry friends happy is the obvious choice!

Calling All Dogs is a premier dog walking and pet sitting that proudly serves all areas of St Pete and surrounding areas that include: DTSP, St Pete Beach, Gulfport, Tierra Verde, Treasure Island, Gulfport, Madeira Beach, Seminole, Pinellas Park, and Feather Sound.

If you have any other questions or want to learn more about our dog walking or pet sitting services, contact us today!

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