All Meet & Greets are complimentary. We come to your home to meet your pet, discuss their needs, and find out your expectations. We also want you to feel comfortable before entrusting us to care for your pets.


When your dog needs a bathroom break, exercise, and affection while you’re at work or enjoying a day away from home. We can go for a nice walk or play & exercise in your yard.
* 2nd dog included in pricing

$15 | 15 minutes
$18 | 20 minutes
$22 | 30 minutes
$28 | 45 minutes
$34 | 60 minutes


Wellness check for cats, birds, fish, and exotics. We also feed, refresh water, clean litter box/cages, bring in mail/packages, water plants, and administer medications.

$15 | 15 minutes
$18 | 20 minutes
$22 | 30 minutes
$28 | 45 minutes


Great for puppies & seniors or if your fur baby is recovering from surgery. We provide extra attention or anything else they might need help with.

$34 | 1st Hour
$25 | Each Add'l Hour


Busy day of work and no time for pet errands? No problem as we provide transportation for groomers, vets, day care, and stop by the store to pick up pet supplies *Cost to purchase supplies not included.

$17 | 20 Minute Trip
$21 | 30 Minute Trip


New Family Member? We can help! Puppies are an amazing addition to someone's life, but can also be very overwhelming. They require lots of hard work, time, and plenty of patience! Become a Calling All Dogs customer and receive:

  • Up to 15% off dog walking prices
  • Free group puppy training classes covering basic commands, manners and any behavioral challenges
  • Professional tips on socialization, feeding, proper leashes & collars, etc.
  • Lots of puppy love free of charge!


    Congratulations the addition of a new family member! We recommend visits be approximately 4 hours apart to ensure a solid, consistent routine.
    Besides a potty break, these visits can include: Feeding, refreshing water, exercise, basic training commands, and of course, lots of puppy love:

    $15 | 15 minutes
    $18 | 20 minutes
    $22 | 30 minutes
    $28 | 45 minutes
    $34 | 60 minutes


    Calling All Dogs wants to thank our loyal customers that use our dog walking and pet sitting services on a regular basis. You will receive these discounts for completed visits in a calendar month:

  • 5% off 10+ visits
  • 8% off 20+ visits
  • 10% off 30+ visits

    Calling All Dogs want to make your life easier when you can’t be home with your pets.
    We have several kennel-free options for you to choose from designed to minimize both yours and your dog’s stress while you are away.

    Your pets can enjoy stress-free overnight pet sitting and remain on their regular routine in the comfort of your home!
    We would love to come stay in your home while you are away or you can drop your dog off at one of our pet sitters' home where they will get lots of attention.


    Your pet stays at home where they feel most comfortable. One of our sitters will spend the night with your pet & keep an eye on your house while you are away. This includes feeding and evening & morning walks. We also bring in mail, water plants, and provide lots of attention!

    $80 | Night (12 hours)
    $110 | Night (14 hours)

    *Extra fees may apply for pupplies or special needs

    (OUR HOME)

    Drop off your fur baby at one of our pet sitters’ homes. Your pet will enjoy our companionship while your mind is at ease. This is a very pup-ular option! Pick up & drop off times may vary and fee is based on approximately 24 hours.

    $50 | Night
    $15 2nd Dog | Night

    *Extra fees may apply for pupplies or special needs

    View Sleepover Frequently Asked Questions


    Do you feel uncomfortable having someone sleep in your home or is the cost too much for your budget?
    Our Vacation Packages are a great option and your pets stay at home where they feel most comfortable.
    We suggest longer visits in the morning & evening, with a quick “potty break” during the daytime

    Recommended Visit Times for 3 visits/day:
    Morning (7am-9am)     Afternoon (1pm-3pm)     Evening (8:30pm-10pm)

    *All packages have a 5% discount already taken off the price and also includes:

  • Feeding & Refreshing Water
  • Bringing in Mail & Packages
  • Socialization & Affection
  • Watering Plants
  • Medications (If Needed)


    $51 | Day

    (3) 20 minute visits (morning, afternoon & evening)


    $52 | Day

    (1) 30 minute visit (morning or evening)
    (1) 15 minute potty break (afternoon)
    (1) 20 minute visit (morning or evening)


    $56 | Day

    (1) 30 minutes visit (morning)
    (1) 15 minute potty break (afternoon)
    (1) 30 minutes visit (evening)


    $62 | Day

    (1) 30 Minute visit (morning or evening)
    (1) 15 minute potty break (afternoon)
    (1) 45 Minute visit (morning or evening)


    $70 | Day

    (1) 45 minute visit (morning)
    (1) 20 minute potty break (afternoon)
    (1) 45 minute visit (evening)


    5% off visits

    If you don't like any of our suggested packages, please choose 3 or 4 visits of any time length and still receive 5% off


  • Have an anxious or senior pet?
  • Hectic work schedule?
  • Difficulty getting your pet into the car or carrier?
  • Are they stressed when away from you or their home?
  • Looking for a convenient alternative that saves you time?


  • Your pet stays at home with you, where they feel safe & most comfortable
  • Two experienced vet techs will perform services together for a successful outcome
  • Save time by not driving to vet or groomer
  • Custom one-on-one care & attention
  • No waiting in a cage or kennel

  • In-Home Nail Trimming

  • We trim dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs
  • Nail filing included
  • $25 | 1st pet
    $20 | each additional pet

    In-Home Anal Glands

  • Complete expression (internal included)

  • $28 | 1st dog
    $23 | each additional dog


    Initial Meet and Greet Free!
    3 or more dogs $5 per dog
    Key Pick Up (if not provided at Meet & Greet) $15
    Copies of Keys (if you don't provide) $25
    Lockbox Deposit (if you don't provide keys) $25
    Late Payment Fee (Invoices 3 or more days late) $25
    Injections $10
    Holiday Surcharges *
    Per Visit $6
    Sleepovers $10
    Overnight Stays $20
    *Holidays: Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day

    *Please visit our FAQ’s page for additional information

    • Natalie Meeks
    • When we forgot to schedule our dog's stay at his normal boarding place for Thanksgiving weekend, Calling All Dogs came to the rescue and I'm so glad I met them! They were friendly, professional, attentive, and my dog seemed to love them. They came exactly when they said they would and stayed for how long they said they would. Will definitely use them in the future.

    • Colin Moon
    • Calling all dogs is my go to when I have to go out of town on business. My dog seems to enjoy each of the sitters he has had. I've used them several times for overnight stays. Steve, the owner, was very friendly and detailed when explaining the policies of Calling All Dogs. Definitely recommend for anyone who wants their pet to feel as comfortable as possible when you are away.

    • Kayla Copeland
    • My pup and I Love calling all dogs!! I’m a nurse and work long shifts so having this service gives me peace of mind!! I also love getting my pet journal emailed to me while at work, it’s so great to get a picture and update of her day!!

    • Jessica Keith
    • I love Calling All Dogs and have complete trust in them caring for my kitties. For years they have been my go to when I travel. I appreciate how easy it is to schedule pet sitting, the flexible services offered, the regular communication (adorable text photos of my cats with updates each day of the visit are great), and most of all how dependable they are in providing excellent pet care. Highly recommended.