A Lead for Every Dog

Picking a leash for your dog may seem easy, but having a good leash to fit your dog's specific needs can make a great difference! Leashes are not only great for training and building a language between you and your pet, it is also an important safety tool that will keep you, your pet and others around you protected.

The most important things to consider when purchasing a lead for your pet are leash length and material. To find the lead that's most appropriate for your dog you should also consider how experienced your pup is on a leash and what you’ll be using the leash for.

Length of Leash

  • 4 Feet - A four-foot leash is great for events, crowded areas or new experiences. The short length makes it easier to control and keep your dog by your side in high-traffic areas.
  • 6 Feet - A six-foot leash would be better for a daily walk so your pooch has some room to roam and explore their surroundings without risk of getting tangled.
  • 8-10 Feet - Longer leashes are a great way to practice obedience training. The long length allows a distance between you and your pet while still allowing control over them.
Consider the Width.If your dog likes to chew their lead or pull, be sure to choose a thicker leash. For a smaller breed or a puppy, consider a thin lead that will be lighter making it easier for them to move about.

Types of Material

Nylon - This very popular material is a cost-effective and weather resistant. Unfortunately, basic, flat, nylon leashes break fairly easy, are often effortless for Fido to chew, and aren’t as comfortable to operate. Imagine your dog spots a squirrel and dashes after it, your reaction might be to grab the leash. A nylon lead could leave you with a nasty burn or worse yet, the leash could break.

Leather - A sturdy leather leash is a great alternative to the basic nylon lead. While being more pricey, they are also more durable, very comfortable and much safer to handle.

Chain - Chain leashes are often recommended for tenacious chewers. But sometimes, chain leads can be heavy or uncomfortable.

A retractable leash might seem like a fun option for more length, but they can be very dangerous and cause serious injuries. The greater the distance between the walker and the dog, the less control the human has over the animal. If your dog decides to bolt after a squirrel the lengthy cord can easily snap or the stopping mechanism might malfunction. If you grab the cord it can leave burns, if the cord is caught on the dog's leg it can lead to a horrifying injury. Retractable leashes are popular, but should only be used by experienced handlers and dogs who are well trained on a leash.

Recommendations for Leashes

In Training. If your dog is still training on its leash, try these:
  • Kong Traffic Leash. The leash has two position handles, the additional one near the base of the leash where it latches onto the collar. The handles are padded so it is soft and easy to hold in case of any sudden stops. The handle near the base of the leash allows you to train your dog to walk beside you and is very useful in large cities where they must learn to stop with foot traffic. The Kong Traffic Leash is also made of reflective material so you and your pooch are easy to spot on your nightly walk. Click Here for more info.
  • Outdoor Bungee Dog Leash. It is a unique design made out of the same bungee cords that people use to jump off of bridges and cliffs. The cord is only 36.5 inches long but can extend to 4 feet, which makes it like a manual retractable leash. It is designed for medium to large dogs and has two positioned padded handles making it an excellent training leash. Click Here for more info.

The Chew Crew. If your dog thinks its leash is a chew toy, check these out:
  • The Lupine Leash might work best for you. Lupine Leashes are made out of heavy-duty hiking gear materials, and LupinePet has an “Even if Chewed” Guarantee, where they will replace any chewed leash with no questions asked. Click Here for more info.
  • The Strong Chew Resistant Reflective Dog Training Leash by GOMA Industries is also a good leash to try with your chewer. Complete with a padded handle, the lightweight, yet very strong rope is often used by mountain climbers. And the cord is embedded with reflective materials so the leash glows in low light, making it perfect for night walks. Click Here for more info.

Pullers. If you’ve tried everything and your dog is still pulling on their walk, please try one of these:
  • Thunder Leashes have a special clasp. You can use the leash like a regular lead, or you can readjust the leash into the special clasp for a “No-Pull Solution”. In this position, the leash wraps around the dog's torso and applies pressure when it pulls. ThunderLeash also has a money back guarantee if it does not work for you and your pup! Click Here for more info.
  • Mountain Climbing Rope Leash by Phydeaux’s Pet Supply is another great option. This leash has been tested to withstand 1000 pounds of pulling force. The extra durable and thick mountain climbing rope can be used for extra large breeds and also comes with a padded handle. Click Here for more info.

When your dog is properly trained on a good leash, taking them on a stroll is a wonderful experience for you and your dog walker. You increase the chances of successfully training your pup by by carefully considering the length, width, and material of their lead.

You can always ask your pet sitter what they prefer or think would work best for your dog after they have gotten to know them.

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