Accountability Through Technology

Accountability Through Technology

You have decided you need a dog walker or pet sitter which can be a daunting task. You establish some form of simple communication, maybe your friend or sitter leaves a note or sends a text, but how do you know they were there? You might have trouble getting visits at the exact times you and your pet are accustomed to or have trouble finding last-minute sitters. You agree to pay them, but which method? How long will they be there, and will they actually stay the allotted time? Will you get a thorough update or a simple and unsatisfying text?.

You will never have to worry about those things if you hiring a dog walking company that uses professional pet sitting software. At Calling All Dogs, we use the Precise Pet Care software, which is also available as a mobile app. With so many convenient features you will never want to go back to a simple handwritten note!

Benefits of Using Professional Pet Sitting Software

Personalized Profiles - As a new client, you will get a profile. This is where your address, pets, any codes, and even cleaning supply locations will be listed. Each of your pets will also get their own profile, with a picture and a list of their special needs, feeding times, breed and age.

The Calling All Dog’s team will input the details you’ve given them before and during the meet and greet, then send you an invitation to confirm and link your profile. You will then be able to edit you or your pet’s info at any time.

Scheduling - Under My Schedule, you can request and cancel appointments at any time. You can add any notes or special instructions here too. And with the Ongoing Schedule Lookahead, you can book reoccurring appointments automatically.

iCal Feeds - With iCal Feeds, you can sync all your scheduling with Google Calendar, Mac Calendar, Outlook or any other calendar app you prefer.

Easy Invoicing & Billing - You can add your credit card for quick payments. Here you can also access a detailed list of your invoices and transactions.

Journals After each visit, you will receive an email of a time-stamped journal from your pet sitter. These detailed journals will give you a sense of assurance that a short text or note simply cannot. Here is what they include:

  • GPS Tracking - You will be able to see your walker’s exact route with the GPS tracking map attached to every journal.
  • Time Stamp - The journals are also time-stamped, so you know exactly when your walker arrives and when they leave the visit.
  • Report Card - The report card will give you an idea of the basics of the visit, such as whether or not your dog peed, if medicine was given, if the water was refreshed, or if cat litter was scooped.
  • Pictures - Each journal will have pictures of your pets. What better way to stay connected with your pet when you're not home? It will put a smile on your face to see theirs. These pictures also show up on the timeline on your Dashboard and collectively in the gallery under My Photos.
  • Personal Note from Sitter - The journals are completed with a personal note from your sitter, letting you know how things went. You can reply to the note, allowing you and your sitter to communicate through each journal.


By utilizing all of the aforementioned technology found in Precise Pet Care, you will have hard evidence that your walker was there on time and performed all of the requested tasks.

The Journals are sent to the company as well. So, you, the software, and the office will be monitoring your appointments to be sure your walker is doing their job properly.

So, instead of rolling the dice with uncertainty, consider hiring a company that uses pet sitting software.

Calling All Dogs is a professional dog walking and pet sitting service. We proudly serve all areas in: St Pete, St Pete Beach, Tierra Verde, Treasure Island, Gulfport, Madeira Beach, Seminole, Pinellas Park, and Feather Sound.

If you have any other questions or want to learn more about our dog walking and pet sitting services, Contact us today!

If you live above areas and are in need of a dog walker or pet sitter, we’ve got you covered! Contact Calling All Dogs today!

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